Milsons Point

Milsons Point

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When do you get to have it all?

When do u get to have it all??? A question most of our clients ask.....I guess for Jack it's the age of lucky to have such an uber cool space growing up as a teenager...daring yet playful..isn't that every teenagers personality??

.....Do you remember your teenage bedroom??? I remember the countless coats of paint I would render my bedroom walls with from the age of about parents have only just understood where all of that has lead me too....haha ....memories

We met beautiful Catherine almost 5 years ago.... crazy how time flys when your busy decorating together!!! I guess this is one of the best parts of our job, building a relationship in which over the years you can almost be shown a beautiful fabric or wall paper & know the exact client that has has has to have it...!

Thank you Catherine for always trusting & embracing our ideas & going along our creative tangents...we have loved designing for you....inside & out!

P. S The cushions will always be our

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Un intérieur paisible qui respire le calme et qui de surcroít, se greffe à
merveille dans son environnement.

I think I could escape about you?

I think I will let the interior speak for itself...It's almost like you
could drift into another place...a peaceful place.

Thank you Leearne for matching such a beautiful interior.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Connaught Part 2

I feel the need to name drop badly!!! And I am going to....designer lovers will get why I am beside myself....we have Alex Perry, Lizzo, Designers Guild, Zanotta, Autoban, GP & J Baker & Laura Kincade all in the same setting...its like a ZOO in here its that crazy!!

If you look closely you will also notice white Crocodile wallpaper that surrounds the residence AND POP of course Black in the dining room....a perfect setting for our zebras, pony's, leopards & butterflies...

It's times like these I look at the space & want to change my whole personal style....& introduce a animal or two to my home!!!!!!! xxx

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dentists on Starkey

Going to the Dentist for me is like almost going to space....not for the fact that everything a dentist does usually is awful....full is almost going back into a time warp where the designers forgot the use of's like white is the all time only colour that can be used in surgeries....hmmmm whilst I realise there is a medical reason for white...surely there can be a surgery that has splashes of interest to look at whilst you are sitting with your legs in the air & breathing down on a dentist....

Well Dentists on Starkey...I have to say is my first love of dental surgeries....not only as our clients embraced texture & colour.....but DITC had to combine tailored yet fun yet medical...yet clean....And I have to say we have....toot toot!! I mean Teeth teeth!!!!

Enjoy & as dentist always say SMILE!

We love stripes.....!

Ok we love stripes & yellow & black & is official....what a fab space this turned out to be....our gorgeous client asked us to do a quick mini-make over....I'm wondering whether she knew what "mini" to the DITC girls means.....nothing better to wake up in the morning to yellow...isn't yellow meant to encourage studious behaviour??? Perfect! The room is not only fabulous but intelligent....genius!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Connaught

This is the first time I am speechless....when you break each room down to each specification the detail is just beautiful....enjoy! xx

When the lights are out....

I always wonder what goes on in the studio at the new Pony Rider cushions chat to the horse...or does the coral come to life, does Ralph Lauren make an appearance...hmmm...
Ok back to work now!